Table 1.

Clinic Sample Description

CCM = Chronic Care Model; PPT = prepared practice team.
* Small is <7,000 members, medium is 7,000 to 16, 000, and large is >16,000.
† See Methods. Clinics were asked to select diabetes, depression, or preventive services as a focus for change progress toward the CCM.
‡ Based on 2002 diabetes care improvement data collected routinely by the medical group, a combined measure of patients with both A1c and low-density lipoprotein values up to date and in control.
§ Rating of the change effort as made by medical group leaders.
|| Based on organizational data collected periodically from the clinics during the change implementation.
Membership size*MediumMediumLargeMediumSmall
Condition focus selected for improvementDiabetesDiabetesDepressionDepressionDiabetes
Diabetes mellitus care performanceNo ratingNo ratingStrong or improvedStrong or improvedStrong or improved
Progress in initial phases of the CCM change§SomeNo ratingMoreMoreMore
Self-report of initial PPT success vs challenges||Success > challengesSuccess < challengesSuccess = challengesSuccess < challengesSuccess = challenges