Table 2.

Interview Guide

Section 1: Personal information
  1. Personal details

    1. How long have you been qualified as a doctor?

    2. How long have you been a GP?

    3. Postgraduate training?

    4. Why did you decide to become a GP?

    5. Can you tell me which practices you have worked in as a principal?

  2. Personal interests and motivations

    1. Can you tell me why you decided to become a partner in /work in this particular practice?

    2. What do you find particularly interesting in medicine?

    3. What if any, are your particular interests in general practice?

    4. Can and how do you pursue those interests?

    5. What do you “look for in a patient” to satisfy you?

Section 2: For each consultation
 I am interviewing GPs about what they find professionally fulfilling/satisfying in the consultation and why it is satisfying/fulfilling. You identified this consultation as either most satisfying or least satisfying, or neither maximally satisfying nor maximally dissatisfying.
  1. Can you describe the content of the consultation to me?

    1. What in particular was rewarding/unrewarding about this consultation?

    2. What do you think was going on here?

    3. Why do you think you as an individual found it rewarding/unrewarding/neither?

  2. Can you identify any personal characteristics that meant you found this consultation satisfying/unsatisfying/neither?

    1. In what circumstances, if any, would this consultation be less/more fulfilling?

  3. Can you recall a time when you wouldn’t have found this consultation less/more fulfilling?

    1. Experience?

    2. What would you need to do /what would need to happen or change to make this consultation more satisfying?

    3. What would the patient need to do?

    4. Are there external factors?