Table 3.

Sexual Behavior and Reproductive Care Histories of Black (n = 6) and Latina (n = 12) Daughters

History CharacteristicsBlack No.Latina No.
* Participants could check more than 1 option.
Relationship history
    Boyfriend in past610
    Boyfriend at time of study27
Sexual history
    Sexual activity (ever)48
    Sexual activity (prior 2 months)27
    Sexual intercourse (ever)47
    Sexual intercourse (prior 2 months)27
    Number of intercourse partners1 (3 missing)1.8 (mean)
 1–3 (range)
Reproductive care history
    Past gynecologic examination25
    Past pregnancy12
    Past pregnancy concern25
    Past birth02
Type of contraceptives/prophylactic use at last intercourse*
    Birth control pills
    Vaginal sponge
    Foam, jelly, cream, or suppositories
    Intrauterine device (IUD)1
    Depo-Provera (the shot)2
    Contraceptive film
    Don’t know
    None of the above1
    No response1
Mothers’ awareness of girls’ sexual experience
    Mother knows of sexual experience35
    Told mother about sexual experience24