Table 1.

Site Characteristics and Strategies Used to Improve Influenza Vaccination Rates

Intervention Year 1Intervention Year 2
Note: Interventions are categorized according to the scheme of the Task Force on Community Preventive Services.
PR = pediatric residency; FB = faith-based; FM = family medicine residency; EVR = electronic vaccine registry; EMR = electronic medical record; manual = paper charts; ✓ = used at site; – = not used at site.
* Changed from dictated notes entered into EMR to direct physician entry into new EMR.
† Saturday.
‡ Weekdays during office hours.
§ Only for children who had previously received an influenza vaccine.
Number of offices5211152111
Immunization trackingEVREMRManualEMRManualEVREMRManualNewNew
Interventions to increase demand for vaccines
    Posters in waiting and examination rooms
    Letter or flier mailed to parent
    Telephone calls to parent
    Flier handed out at registration during influenza season
Interventions to enhance access to vaccination services
    Walk-in flu shots during office hours
    Special event flu shot clinics
Physician or system-based interventions
    Clinician education
    Standing orders for nurses to vaccinate
    Physician educational reminder e-mails
    Chart reminders: printed or hand-written or EMR pop-up screen or flag§
    Total number of interventions9775576543
    Change in vaccination rate over 2 years (%)811.315.62813.3