Table 2.

Properties of the Total Continuity of Care Scale and the Subdomains of Longitudinal, Flexible, Relational, and Team and Cross-Boundary Continuity

ScaleNumber of ItemsAverage Inter-item CorrelationCronbach’s αPotential Range of ScoresOverall Mean of Patient Scores (SD)Correlation With Total Continuity- of-Care Score
Figures are family practice-specific mean scale scores except where indicated.
Total continuity-of-care score190.3430.9080–10062.1 (16.0)
Longitudinal continuity40.3180.6510–2512.1 (5.3)0.644
Flexible continuity40.3920.7210–2517.8 (4.7)0.809
Relational continuity60.9170.9850–2515.3 (7.7)0.896
Team and cross-boundary continuity50.5390.8540–2517.0 (3.2)0.593