Table 5.

Research Projects Using Community Clinics, 2000–2005

Project TitlePI’s/Coinvestigator’s Home Department (School of Medicine) or Other CollegeFunding SourceTotal Direct Costs, $
PI = principal investigator; NIH = National Institutes of Health; AHRQ = Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; ADHD = attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Cutaneous Measures of Diabetic NeuropathyInternal MedicineNIH1,345,705
Time to Pregnancy in Normal FertilityFamily and Preventive MedicineNIH499,995
Impact of Electronic Reminders on Screening for Colon CancerHuntsman Cancer Institute, Family and Preventive MedicineNIH247,500
The Safety CheckFamily and Preventive MedicineNIH, AHRQ200,000
Pharmacological Mechanisms of Falls and Sway in the ElderlyCollege of NursingNational Institute of Nursing Research150,000
Genital Herpes Prevention StudyInternal MedicineNIH, industry100,000
Insulin Glargine Treatment Patterns in the Management of Diabetes, Type I and Type IICollege of PharmacyIndustry65,000
Effects of Various Drugs on Hypoglycemic EventsCollege of PharmacyIndustry65,000
Chronic Back PainAnesthesiologyFoundation50,000
Bioterrorism SurveillanceFamily and Preventive MedicineFoundation35,000
Determinants of Exercise in Obese and NonobeseFamily and Preventive MedicineDepartment of Family and25,000
Sedentary Pregnant WomenPreventive Medicine’s Small Grants Program
Asthma Guideline Adherence: Implications for CostCollege of PharmacyDepartment of Pediatrics25,000
Measurement and Prevalence of Deformational PlagiocephalyPediatrics, Family and Preventive MedicineAHRQ20,000
Population Surveillance to Detect an EpidemicFamily and Preventive MedicineFoundation20,000
ADHD Patient Weight Distribution StudyCollege of PharmacyIndustry10,000
Developing a Research Tool to Accurately Measure Latinos’ Perceived Barriers to Health CareFamily and Preventive MedicineFoundation5,600
Total direct costs of research using community clinics 2,876,300