Table 2.

Multivariate, Multilevel Regression Model Showing Association of Clinician Use of Chronic Care Model Elements and 2 Measures of Process of Diabetes Care

ParameterParameter Estimate*SEP Value
PHQ-9 = 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire; CCM = Chronic Care Model.
* The parameter estimates indicate the strength of the association in each model. Each unit difference in clinician-reported frequency of CCM use (eg, from “rarely” to “occasionally”) is associated with a change in the dependent variable (behavioral care composite score or clinical care composite score) equal to the parameter estimate.
† Covariates included patient age, race/ethnicity, and severity of depressive symptoms (PHQ-9 score).
‡ Covariates included patient age and race/ethnicity.
Behavioral care composite score
Patient age−0.00540.0029.07
Patient race/ethnicity: white (vs nonwhite)0.14830.0927.11
Patient PHQ-9 (depression) score−0.01300.0074.08
Clinician score for use of CCM0.21050.0595.001
Clinical care composite score
Patient age0.00660.0031.03
Patient race/ethnicity: white (vs nonwhite)0.14180.0958.14
Clinician score for use of CCM0.15920.0868.07