Table 3.

Associations Between Patient-Reported Referral Completion and Patient, Referral Decision, Physician, Practice, and Health Plan Characteristics: Univariate Analyses

PredictorCompleted/Total Referrals* No.Referral Completion %P Value
Note: Associations with P <.20 only are shown in this table.
* For each bivariate association, denominators may vary because of missing values.
Patient race
Medicaid health plan
Expected duration of specialist involvement
    <3 mo418/49384.8
    3–12 mo141/17381.5
    >12 mo80/10476.9.13
Duration of patient-physician relationship
    <3 mo69/9275.0
    3 mo – 5 y240/29581.4
    ≥5 y325/37985.8.04
Referring physician/staff scheduled appointment
Referring physician years in practice
    <5 y95/12576.0
    6–14 y191/22983.4
    ≥15 y358/42284.8.07
Referring physician specialty
    Family physician603/72083.8.04
Referring physician practice location