Table 1.

Clinician Scores on the Use of Chronic Care Model Elements Survey

Survey ItemChronic Care Model Element AddressedScore Mean (SD)
Note: Ninety primary care clinicians provided self-reported information for 9 survey items inquiring about use of selected Chronic Care Model elements. The stem question asked, “How often do you currently use the following approaches to improving care for patients with diabetes?” Response options were never = 1, rarely = 2, occasionally = 3, usually = 4, and always = 5.
a. Use a registry to identify and/or track care of your patientsClinical information systems2.53 (1.33)
b. Use a tracking system to remind patients about needed visits or servicesClinical information systems3.60 (0.93)
c. Follow up patients between visits by telephone (you or staff)Practice design3.11 (0.74)
d. Use published practice guidelines as the basis for your managementDecision support4.02 (0.80)
e. Involve office staff in identifying and reminding patients in need of follow-up or other servicesPractice design3.65 (0.99)
f. Assist patients in setting and attaining self-management goalsSelf-management support3.74 (0.87)
g. Refer patients to someone within your practice for education about their diabetesSelf-management support2.85 (1.41)
h. Refer patients to someone outside your practice for education about their diabetesDecision support3.15 (1.02)
i. Use flow sheets to track critical elements of careDecision support3.51 (1.25)