Table 4.

One-Way Sensitivity Analyses for a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Treatment Strategies for Acute Otitis Media: 7 to 10 Days of Amoxicillin Compared With Delayed Prescription

VariableVariable RangeEffect on ICUR
ICUR = incremental cost utility ratio (cost-effectiveness ratio in dollars per quality-adjusted life-year); GI = gastrointestinal; DP = delayed prescription.
* Dominant: option was more effective and less costly than comparative option.
Amoxicillin cost, $7.74–14.9554,200–68,000
Non–health care cost, $7.54–30.1654,500–62,200
Office consultation cost, $17.12–68.4643,300–85,600
Work loss cost, $46–18258,100–56,000
Probability of clinical failure—routine amoxicillin0.044–0.07842,000–80,300
Probability of GI adverse effects from antibiotic0.042–0.15649,200–68,900
Probability of nonattendance—routine amoxicillin0–0.07671,600–53,600
Probability of nonattendance—DP0–0.448Dominant* if probability is <0.23; 33,000–89,400 if probability is >0.23
Probability of prescription redemption—DP0.172–0.308142,000–33,000
Utility of a day of treatment failure0.646–0.79440,500–98,600