Table 3.

Summary of Systematic Reviews Evaluating the Accuracy of Ultrasound for the Diagnosis Of Deep Venous Thrombosis

Author, YearClinical PresentationAnatomic RegionNo. of PatientsPrevalence of DVT %Combined Sensitivity % [95% CI] or (range)Combined Specificity % [95% CI] or (range)
DVT = deep venous thrombosis; CI = confidence interval; NR = not reported.
* Diagnostic odds ratio.
White et al,50 1989SymptomaticThigh2664693 [88–97]98 [96–100]
Becker et al,51 1989SymptomaticThigh and calf1,5785096 (92–100)99 (96–100)
Cogo et al,52 1995SymptomaticThigh989439698
Wells et al,53 1995AsymptomaticThigh1,61696297
Kearon et al,54 1998SymptomaticThigh2,7634089 [85–92]94 [90–98]
AsymptomaticThigh2,0351647 [37–57]94 [91–98]
Gottlieb et al,55 1999SymptomaticCalf2122593 [82–98]99 [96–99]
Mustafa et al,56 2002SymptomaticUpper extremity17073(56–100)(77–100)
Kassai et al,57 2004AsymptomaticThigh4,182NR645* [170–2,450]
Calf2,324NR35* [12–105]