Table 3.

Costs, Utilities, and Incremental Cost-Effectiveness of Treatment Strategies for Acute Otitis Media

VariableDelayed PrescriptionWatchful Waiting7 to 10 Days of Amoxicillin5 Days of Amoxicillin
QALYs = quality-adjusted life-years.
Notes: Each column was compared with the one to its left. The incremental cost utility ratio of 7 to 10 days of amoxicillin was compared with delayed prescription.
* Watchful waiting was dominated by blend of delayed prescription and 7 to 10 days of amoxicillin.
† This option cost more and had less utility.
Cost, $
    Non–health care12.7814.5215.1015.47
    Work loss95.3198.4394.7097.34
    Office consultation22.5231.4733.8334.61
Incremental cost, $13.609.301.60
Effectiveness, QALYs0.994600.994720.995010.99487
Incremental effectiveness, QALYs0.000120.00029–0.00014
Cost-effectiveness, $ per QALY133.12146.77156.08157.71
Incremental cost utility ratio, $ per QALYExtended dominance*55,853Dominated