Table 1.

Questions Used to Assess the 4 Risk Factors in Risk Model 1

* Specific question about vertebral radiographs posed only to women in the Vislanda population.
1. What is your present age?
    ≥80 y1
    70–79 y0
2. What is your current weight?
    <60 kg1
    ≥60 kg0
3. Can you rise 5 times from a chair without using your arms? (Try if you want.)
    No, I must use my arms to rise1
4. Have you broken any bones after the age of 40 y?
    If so, which bone?
    Have your vertebrae been x-rayed?*
    Fracture of wrist/lower arm, upper arm, hip, or vertebrae, or vertebral compression seen on radiograph1
    No fracture, or fracture in some other location0