Table 4.

Associations of Physicians’ Religious Characteristics With 2 Intrinsic Work Motivations

CharacteristicsFamily Emphasized Service to Poor (Strongly Agree) (%)P Value (χ2)Practice of Medicine is a Calling (Strongly Agree) (%)P Value (χ2)
Note: Percentages of physicians from each religious category who strongly agreed with each of the 2 measures of intrinsic motivation. For example, among those with low spirituality, 21% strongly agreed that their family emphasized service to the poor. Tests of association are by survey design adjusted χ2 tests.
* Includes atheist, agnostic, and none.
All physicians (N = 1,144)2930
Intrinsic religiosity
Religious attendance
    Once a month or less25.0124<.001
    Twice a month or more3438
Religious affiliation
    Other religion4835
Religious beliefs influence medicine
    Strongly disagree/disagree2116
    Strongly agree5473