Table 2.

Proportion of Advertisements That Present Factual Claims, Appeals, Lifestyle, and Medication Themes

Weighted Percentages
Categories of ContentAll AdsProduct Claim AdsReminder Ads
Note: Total unweighted N = 38, product claim ads n = 31, reminder ads n = 7.
* The Food and Drug Administration does not permit the presentation of factual information in reminder ads.
Factual claims*
Any factual information (eg, symptoms)82.0
Biological nature or mechanism of disease53.9
Risk factors or cause of condition25.8
Prevalence of condition24.7
Subpopulation at risk of the condition7.9
Positive emotional95.194.4100.0
Negative emotional68.975.328.6
Lifestyle portrayals
Condition interferes with healthy or recreational activities26.230.30.0
Product enables healthy or recreational activities56.356.257.1
Lifestyle change is alternative to product use0.00.00.0
Lifestyle change is insufficient18.421.30.0
Lifestyle change is adjunct to product19.422.50.0
Medication portrayals
Loss of control caused by condition58.367.40.0
Regaining control as result of product use85.488.864.3
Social approval as a result of product use77.783.142.9
Distress caused by condition47.653.97.1
Endurance increased as a result of product use17.512.450.0
Protection as a result of product use9.711.20.0