Table 3.

Ten Most Frequent Questions Asked by 112 Spanish Primary Care Physicians During 3,511 Consultations

RankCode of Ely et al13CategoryDescriptionFrequency % is the cause of symptom x?20.5 is the cause of physical finding x?15.0 drug x (or drug class x) indicated in situation y or for condition y?7.4 this patient have condition y given findings x1, x2, … , xn?6.1 are the administrative rules/considerations in situation y?5.0 (not specifying diagnostic or therapeutic)How should I manage condition/finding/situation y (not specifying diagnostic or therapeutic management)?4.6 test x indicated in situation y?3.1 is the cause of test finding x?3.0 is the dose of drug x?2.8 need to learn more about topic x.2.8