Table 1.

Attributes of Primary Health Care, Grouped by Type, Showing Specificity to Primary Health Care and Best Information Source for Measurement

Best Information Source for Evaluation
Attribute*Specific to Primary CarePatientClinician ReportAdministrative DataChart
+ = Appropriate source mentioned by 1 or 2 experts; ++ = best source according to several experts (this attribute was introduced at the last consensus event); +++ = best source according to all experts.
* Attributes in alphabetical order within groupings.
† Although the quality of comprehensiveness is not specific to primary health care, the content is.
‡ Proposed at the last meeting but not submitted for consensus.
Clinical practice attributes
Accessibility, fist-contactYes+++
Accessibility-accommodationNot assessed
Comprehensiveness of servicesNo (?)++++++
Informational continuity (new)Not assessed
Management continuityNo++++
Technical quality of clinical careNo++ (peer)++
Practice structural dimensions
Clinical information managementNo+++++
Multidisciplinary teamNo++++
Quality improvement processNo++++
System integrationNo++++
Person-oriented dimensions
Continuity – relationalYes++++
Cultural sensitivityNo++++
Family-centered careYes+++++
Interpersonal communicationNo++++
Whole-person careNo++++
Community-oriented dimensions
Client/community participationNo++++
EquityNot assessed++++
Intersectoral teamYes++++
Population orientationYes++++
System performance dimensions
AccountabilityNo++ (peer) 
 + (self)++
AvailabilityNo++ (self)++