Table 1.

Sample Characteristics of Participants by Domestic Violence Screening Protocol

VariableTotal n=523Self-Report n=173Medical Staff Interview n=169Physician Interview n=181P Value
Race/ethnicity, %
    African American70.667.470.873.3
Age, mean, y35.635.835.935.3.886
Completed college, %29.532.429.027.2.561
Income , mean, $20,42320,23220,65020,388.974
Employed (including part-time), %72.664.580.472.9.005
Married, %33.428.338.933.1.117
Currently pregnant, %
Length of the relationship, mean, y8.
Medicare/Medicaid, %51.557.647.349.7.140
New patient, %19.816.824.618.4.167
Visits in the past year, mean, No.