Table 3

Comparison of HCH Practice Systems Scores and Diabetes Care Measures

VariableCertified PracticesUncertified PracticesP ValueaTotal
Practice systems score, mean (SD), %b
 Overall79.2 (16.2)74.9 (15.0).0177.7 (15.9)
 Access75.9 (19.8)72.7 (19.3).1374.8 (19.7)
 Registry92.3 (15.2)91.3 (15.9).5492.0 (15.5)
 Coordination of care74.9 (20.5)68.7 (23.2).00672.8 (21.7)
 Care plan75.4 (27.8)66.6 (26.2).00372.4 (27.5)
 Quality improvement91.9 (18.7)93.9 (14.1).2792.6 (17.3)
Patients with diabetes
Diabetes care measure, %
 Composite optimal diabetes carec46.843.2<.00145.8
 Aspirin use99.699.5.0299.6
 Hypertension control84.483.4.3884.1
 Statin use88.584.7<.00187.4
 Hemoglobin A1c control70.169.9.8370.1
 Nonsmoking status84.783.1.00184.3
  • HCH = health care home.

  • a Difference in practice characteristics by certification status tested using a 1-way ANOVA test. Difference in patient characteristics by certification status tested by modeling outcome as a function of the certification variable, with practice random effects and clustered standard errors to account for correlation in patient outcomes within practice.

  • b Percentage of possible total score, where higher values indicate larger percentage of practices having that system in place.

  • c To be included in the numerator for this measure, a patient must have had met all 5 components.