Table 2.

Comparison of the Recommendations in Acute Sore Throat Guidelines

European GuidelinesNorth American Guidelines
Diagnosis and TreatmentBelgium44 BE01The Netherlands45 NL02France46 FR03Finland47 FI04England48 E05Scotland49 SC06Canada50 CA07ICSI51 US08IDSA52 US09Position Paper (ACP)53 US10
ACP = American College of Physicians; ARF = acute rheumatic fever; GABHS = group A β-hemolytic streptococci; GNF = glomerulonephritis; ICSI = Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement; ISDA = Infectious Disease Society of America.
* If a rapid antigen (strep) test is not available.
    Clinical examination++++++++++
    Centor criteria++++
    GABHS (rapid antigen or strep) test+++++
    Prescribe antibiotics
        High-risk and very ill patients+++++++++
        Centor criteria+
        GABHS test result positive+++++
        GABHS test result negative; culture positive++++
        Culture positive++++
Reason for antibiotics
    Shorten clinical evolution++++++++
    Prevent ARF++++++
    Prevent GNF
    Prevent local complications+++
    Limit spread of GABHS+++++++++
Small-spectrum penicillin++++++++++