Table 4.

Multivariable Analysis of the 4 Patient Outcome Measures in Relation to Doctor’s Intervention Status (n = 102)

Outcome VariableIntervention GroupControl GroupCoefficient/SEP Value
Note: Analysis controlling for patients’ education and number of medical conditions.
* Mean score and standard deviation are unadjusted.
† Mixed model linear regression with continuous outcome variable adjusting for clustering within doctor.
‡ Multiple logistic regression with the dichotomous outcome adjusting for clustering within doctor.
Patient perception of patient-centeredness, mean score (SD)*3.28 (0.49)3.14 (0.49)−1.02.32
Patient satisfaction with doctor’s information-giving and inter- personal skills, mean score (SD)*82.06 (5.80)77.78 (8.07)−2.28.03
Patients’ psychological distress, mean score (SD)*0.40 (0.40)0.46 (0.38)1.18.25
Patient perception of well-being (worse/same vs better), %88.270.6−2.39.02