Table 2.

Unadjusted Analysis for Progression to Hypertension or CHD/CHD Death by Psychosocial Category in Prehypertensive Participants

Psychosocial VariableProgression to Hypertension* OR (95% CI)Progression to CHD/CHD DeathOR (95% CI)
CHD = coronary heart disease; OR = odds ratio; CI = confidence interval.
* Unadjusted simple logistic regressions.
† Unadjusted Cox survival analyses.
Maastricht Questionnaire score (long-term stress)
    High1.26 (1.04–1.52)1.27 (0.91–1.76)
Spielberger Trait Anger Scale score
    High1.49 (1.03–2.14)2.14 (1.31–3.49)