Table 4.

Baseline Characteristics Among Patients With Myocardial Infarction Grouped by Distance to the Nearest Urban Hospital

Distance to Nearest Urban Hospital
Characteristic14.08 Miles (n = 6,097)>14.08 Miles (n = 6,104)PValue
Note: Excluding patients discharged or transferred to another acute care general hospital for inpatient care.
APR-DRG = All Patient Refined Diagnosis-Related Group.
Distance to the nearest urban hospital, mean, miles4.9434.20<.001
Admitted to urban hospitals, %99.5477.09<.001
Age, mean, y68.8972.02<.001
Male, %58.6557.45.18
Black, %1.950.08<.001
Number of secondary diagnoses, mean5.725.53<.001
Charlson Comorbidity Index, mean0.720.72.67
APR-DRG risk index, mean0.070.07.48
Length of stay, d5.345.30.70
In-hospital mortality rate, %