Table 5

Adjusted Association of a 1-SD Increase in Overall Practice Systems Score With Diabetes Care Measures

Diabetes Care MeasureMean, %Change in Probability of Meeting Measure, %aP Value
Composite optimal diabetes care45.8+1.4<.001
Aspirin use99.60.0.16
Hypertension control84.1+1.2<.001
Statin use87.4+0.2.41
Hemoglobin A1c control70.1+0.9<.001
Nonsmoking status84.3+0.2.36
  • Note: After regression adjustments. Marginal effects of changes in score computed from patient-level logit regression analyses controlling for patient characteristics (age, sex, presence of ischemic disease or depression, insurance type, and census-based estimates of wealth, education, and race in patient neighbor-hood) and practice characteristics (system size, Federally Qualified Health Center status, and location). Regression analyses include practice random effects.

  • a The percentage-point change in probability of meeting the diabetes care measure associated with a 1-SD increase in overall score.