Table 2.

Patient Disclosure and Patient and Clinician Comfort Level, by Screening Protocol

VariableTotalSelf-ReportMedical Staff InterviewPhysician InterviewP Value
HITS = hurt, insult, threaten, scream; N/A = not applicable; WAST-Short = 2-items of the Woman Abuse Screening Tool.
* Range: not at all comfortable (1) to very comfortable (4).
† Most patients (93.4%) reported being comfortable with the assigned protocol.
‡ Women who disclosed domestic violence and those who did not were similar in perception of helpfulness for screening and comfort with screening across methods; the only exception was those who disclosed domestic violence were slightly less comfortable with medical staff screening (P=.021).
§ Most clinicians (84.5%) were comfortable with the screening methods.
¶ Subgroup analysis indicated that physicians preferred WAST-Short to HITS (P = .043) and self-administered questionnaire to medical staff interview (P=.007).
Patients, No.523173169181
Patient domestic violence disclosure, %
Patient comfort with screening tools, mean, score*
Patient comfort with screening method, mean, score*†‡
Patient perception of helpfulness for screening, mean, score3.
Time spent screening, min4.
Clinicians, No.33N/A1419
Clinician comfort with screening methods, mean, score*§
    Medical staff3.1N/A3.13.2.801
Clinician comfort with screening tools, mean, score*