Table 3.

Fraction of Persons with Chronic Diseases Who Visited Specific Clinician Types in 2004

Patient Group*Type of ClinicianAny Visit% (95% CI)
Note: All analyses adjusted for age and sex; all estimates weighted to represent civilian noninstitutionalized US population.
CI = confidence interval.
* Persons who self-reported the specified disease.
† Percentage of specified group with any visit to that type of clinician in an ambulatory setting (office or outpatient department) in 2004.
Myocardial infarctionFamily physician54.2 (48.1–60.3)
General internist24.2 (17.5–38.8)
Cardiologist35.6 (27.9–43.2)
StrokeFamily physician/ general practitioner62.7 (58.5–67.0)
General internist15.1 (11.9–19.2)
Neurologist11.8 (7.3–16.3)
Diabetes mellitusFamily physician/ general practitioner57.7 (53.4–62.0)
General internist19.8 (16.7–22.9)
Endocrinologist13.6 (9.7–17.3)
EmphysemaFamily physician56.0 (50.0–62.0)
General internist21.7 (15.0–28.4)
Pulmonologist10.7 (7.6–13.7)
AsthmaFamily physician55.8 (52.5–59.2)
General internist17.5 (15.1–19.8)
Allergist/Immunologist8.1 (6.1–10.0)
Pulmonologist7.4 (5.9–9.0)1