Table 1.

Description of Practice Characteristics, by Archetype

Ownership and RegionSpecialty, No. of Doctors* and Other CliniciansPayer MixDescription of PatientsYear Practice Opened, Year EMR AcquiredSite visits by Sept 2005Network Meetings Attended 2003–2005SQUID at BaselineSQUID at 36 mo
A-TRIP = Advanced Translaton of Research into Practice; SQUID = Summary Quality Index; EMR = electionic medical record; Medi/Medi = Medicare Medicaid crossover.
* Number of individuals, may be part-time or full-time.
† Other insurance includes private insurance, commercial insurance, and preferred provider organizations, eg, Blue Cross, Cigna.
‡ Proportions are based on charges; the percentage of visits that are Medicare in this practice is higher.
Physician partnership, Mid AtlanticInternal medicine, 2Medicare, 22%
 Other insurance, 74%
 Self-pay, 4%Most are working, middle to upper- middle class1984, 20010353.873.6
Multiple physician partnership, SouthFamily medicine, 4
 Nurse-practitioner, 1Medicare, 20%–25%
 Medicaid, 5%–10%
 Other insurance and some uninsured make up remainderRepresentative of community: from jobless/illiterate to some doctors/professors. Mostly middle class, less than one half with college degrees1981, 20003149.764.8
Physician-owned service corporation, MidwestInternal medicine, 6Medicare, 35%–40%
 Medicaid, 5%–10%
 Other insurance, 50%–60%
 Uninsured, <2%Representative of metro area: from limited-income elders to a few advanced- degree professionals; 60%–70% working class1980, 19974347.561.2
Physician partnership, incorporated, SouthFamily medicine, 2Medicare, 18%–20%
 Medi/Medi, 12%–15%
 Other insurance, 65%–70%Low-education levels, high unemployment (poverty rate in community is 35%). Practice draws from 3–4 small counties and also serves college and industry employees2000, 20004143.357.1
Physician partnership, WestInternal medicine, 2
 Physician’s assistant, 1
 Nurse-practitioner, 3Medicare, 25%
 Medicaid, 1%
 Other insurance, 74%Majority are upper-middle class1995, 20020247.955.8
Motivated Team
Physician partnership, incorporated, MidwestFamily medicine, 2
 Nurse-practitioner, 1Medicare, 32%
 Medicaid, 5%
 Other insurance, 55%
 Self-pay, 8%Rural, mostly middle-income and lower education levels, range includes uninsured farmers and top officials in companies1985, 19984347.761.3
Hospital, MidwestFamily medicine, 8
 Physician’s assistant, 1Medicare, 16%
 Medicaid, 4%
 Other insurance, 77%
 Self-pay, 3%Urban, mixed-race/ethnicity, representative of blue-collar community1980, 19954249.958.7
Care Enterprise
Physician, Gulf CoastInternal medicine, 1
 Nurse-practitioner, 1Medicare, 60%
 Medicaid, 5%
 Other insurance, 35%Geriatric practice, most are retired military. Spectrum from very poor to very wealthy1983, 19944251.961.8
Physician, SouthInternal medicine, 2
 Nurse-practitioner, 2Medicare, 33%
 Medicaid, 3%
 Other insurance, 62%
 Uninsured, 2%Largely blue-collar but includes aerospace engineers. About 25% African American, 2% Hispanic1989, 19994340.550.4