Table 4.

Frequency of Families Reporting Each Major Theme by Demographic Characteristics and Other Pertinent Factors

Demographic Characteristics and Other FactorsGetting and Keeping Health Insurance Coverage %Access to Health Care Services %Costs Associated With Medical Care %
Total subsample responding to open-ended survey question56.923.119.9
    1–4 years66.716.420.9
    5–9 years50.323.616.6
    10–14 years56.527.417.9
    ≥ 15 years55.918.622.8
    Not Hispanic59.522.620.5
Household income percentage of federal poverty level (FPL)
    1%–50% FPL52.424.711.3
    51%–100% FPL68.320.223.6
    101%–133% FPL65.119.425.6
    >133% FPL54.922.526.8
Child’s current insurance status
    Public only55.125.915.2
    Private or combination50.019.932.4
Parent’s current insurance status
    Public only39.228.112.2
    Private or combination42.818.630.3
Did child have an insurance gap?
    No gap, continuous 12-month coverage54.122.518.9
    Yes, gap in past 12 months63.620.019.5
Does child have usual source of care?
    No usual source of care identified57.619.615.2
    Yes, usual source of care identified57.222.520.0
Did child have a physician visit in past year?
    No physician visit in past 12 months58.50.312.7
    Yes, physician visit in past 12 months57.022.320.5