Table 2.

Insurance Status and Child’s Utilization of Primary Care Services

Child Has Usual Source of CareChild Had Doctor Visit in Past Year
Insurance StatusWeighted %AOR* (95% CI)Weighted %AOR* (95% CI)
AOR = adjusted odds ratio; CI = confidence interval.
*Adjusted for age, race/ethnicity, household income, region of residence, parental insurance status (for children)/children’s insurance status (for parents).
P <.01 for the comparison with uninsured children.
P <.01 for the comparison with uninsured parents.
Child’s insurance status
    Private96.810.72 (3.30–34.89)90.25.04 (1.71–14.85)
    Public90.45.35 (2.21–12.97)89.24.82 (1.98–11.76)
Parent’s insurance status
    Private92.81.58 (0.57–4.40)87.61.50 (0.53–4.19)
    Public90.51.06 (0.41–2.79)90.11.33 (0.57–3.11)