Table 4.

Practice and Patient Characteristics Associated With Diabetes Care Quality

CharacteristicsAdjusted Odds RatioP Value95% CI
CI = confidence interval; EMR = electronic medical record.
Note: These odds ratios are obtained from a single regression model for each outcome such that the odds ratios are adjusted for all other covariates in the table.
Processes of care
    No EMR/EMR2.25<.0011.42–3.57
    Solo practice/other0.38.020.17–0.87
    Physician owned/other1.03.900.65–1.62
    Staff/clinician ratio1.03.660.91–1.17
    Patient sex, male/female1.21.220.89–1.62
    Patient age in 10-year increments1.02.680.92–1.13
    No EMR/EMR1.67.021.07–2.60
    Solo practice/other0.63.040.41–0.98
    Physician owned/other1.03.890.70–1.50
    Staff/clinician ratio1.01.860.89–1.16
    Patient sex, male/female1.06.740.77–1.45
    Patient age in 10-year increments1.27<.0011.14–1.41
Outcomes 2 of 3
    No EMR/EMR1.67<.0011.25–2.24
    Solo practice/other0.61.110.33–1.12
    Physician owned/other1.44.021.05–1.96
    Staff/clinician ratio1.08.080.96–1.18
    Patient sex, male/female1.36.021.07–1.72
    Patient age in 10-year increments1.11.031.01–1.22
Outcome all
    No EMR/EMR2.68.0011.49–4.82
    Solo practice/other0.93.850.45–1.94
    Physician owned/other1.43.300.73–2.78
    Staff/clinician ratio0.96.500.86–1.08
    Patient sex, male/female1.40.170.87–2.25
    Patient age in 10-year increments1.19.041.01–1.42