Table 5.

Steps of Shared Decision-Making Process During Consultation as Reported by Patients Directly After Consultation

Steps and StatementsIntervention Group % Agree (n)Control Group % Agree (n)P ValueaEstimated ICC of CME Group/Practicea
a After adjustment for confounders, see also methods section.
b Because item expresses the opposite, high percentages representing less involvement of patients, it has been inverted before summing up shared decision making steps in Table 4.
Step 1. Disclosure, that a decision needs to be made
My doctor told me that a treatment decision is necessary42.9 (236/550)39.0 (227/582).1600.035/0.125
Step 2. Formulation of equality of partners
My doctor asked me, if I want to participate in decision making64.2 (353/550)46.1 (268/582)<.0010.000/0.083
Step 3. Equipoise statementb
Due to my medical condition, treatment decision based on physicians’ recommendation is already clear53.8 (296/550)58.4 (340/582).8670.000/0.000
Step 4. Informing on the options’ benefits and risks
My doctor has informed me about a variety of alternatives64.0 (352/550)47.9 (279/582)<.0010.000/0.203
The possibility to choose no treatment was also discussed55.3 (304/550)36.9 (215/582)<.0010.000/0.076
Step 5. Investigation of patient’s understanding and expectations
I have mentioned other possibilities that my doctor has not referred to14.4 (79/550)8.9 (52/582).0750.000/0.089
My doctor has asked me how I think about different treatment options62.9 (346/550)37.6 (219/582)<.0010.000/0.281
Step 6. Identification of preferences (both)
I have communicated to my doctor which decision I do prefer55.5 (305/550)34.7 (202/582)<.0010.000/0.145
My doctor has told me which decision he prefers68.9 (379/550)57.6 (335/582)<.0010.000/0.153
Step 7. Negotiation
In the selection of treatment method, my thoughts were taken into account just as much as the considerations of my doctor77.1 (424/550)61.3 (357/582)<.0010.001/0. 184
My doctor and I weighted up the different treatment options thoroughly67.6 (372/550)51.2 (298/582)<.0010.000/0. 113
Step 8. Shared decision making
My doctor enabled me to actively participate in decision making about treatment79.1 (435/550)64.3 (374/582)<.0010.000/0.118
My doctor and I selected a treatment together65.8 (362/550)55.8 (325/582).0040.000/0.149
Step 9. Arrangement of follow-up
My doctor and I reached an agreement as to how we will proceed78.9 (434/550)70.4 (410/582).0060.013/0. 196