Table 4.

Outcome Variables by Intervention, All Clusters (14 CME Groups) Contributing to Every Analysis

VariableIntervention GroupaControl GroupaEstimated ICC of CME Group/PracticeDifference Intervention – Control (95% CI)Adjusted F StatisticP Valuea
CME = continuing medical education; CVD = cardiovascular disease; ICC = intraclass correlation; SDM = shared decision making.
a Values are adjusted estimated means, numbers of patients (n) and P values in mixed models adjusted for confounders (see Methods) and cluster structure (CME group, practice nested within CME group, patients nested within practice).
b Lower scores denoting higher participation and satisfaction.
c Mean change of CVD risk (%) was calculated by Framingham risk points for all patients, including patients with diabetes and secondary prevention (focus on relative change).
Evaluation after index consultation
Patient participation and satisfactionb6.76 (501)7.56 (536)0.00/0.06−0.80 (−1.23 to −0.37)13.55<.001
SDM steps reported9.48 (407)7.49 (442)0.00/0.071.99 (1.27 to 2.71)30.21<.001
Knowledge2.03 (535)1.92 (576)0.001/0.060.11 (−0.01 to 0.24)3.36.07
Follow-up examination
Mean change of CVD riskc−3.00 (415)−3.33 (407)0.006/0.020.32 (−0.30 to 0.95)1.07.31
Decisional regret14.69 (372)18.08 (372)0.00 /0.02−3.39 (−6.26 to −0.53)6.58.02