Table 2

Characteristics of Participating Practices and Their Diabetic Patients, by HCH Certification Status and Overall

CharacteristicCertified PracticesUncertified PracticesP ValueaTotal
Ownership, %.75
 Large hospital-affiliated medical group78.375.777.4
 Medium/small medical group18.619.919.0
 Single site3.14.43.6
Federally Qualified Health Center, %
Location, %<.001
 Large rural town6.215.49.4
 Small rural town7.05.26.4
 Isolated rural town10.930.217.5
Patients with diabetes
Age, mean (SD), y58.0(11.5)59.4(11.4)<.00158.4(11.5)
Female, %46.645.8.4646.3
Insurance, %<.001
 Dual Medicare-Medicaid4.44.44.4
Ischemic vascular disease prevalence, %15.216.9<.00115.7
Depression prevalence, %23.922.7<.00123.5
  • HCH = health care home.

  • a Difference in practice characteristics by certification status tested using a Pearson χ2 test. Difference in patient characteristics by certification status tested by modeling outcome as a function of the certification variable, with practice random effects and clustered standard errors to account for correlation in patient outcomes within practice.