Table 1.

Scores for Adherence to Components of Diabetes Guidelines According to Use of Diabetes Flow Sheets (N = 1,016 Patients)

Guideline ComponentFlow Sheets Used (n=234)Flow Sheets Not Used (n=782)P ValueaEffect Sizeb
Note: Values are expressed as mean (SD) scores on scales from 0 to 100, where higher scores indicate better adherence, and are adjusted for use of electronic medical records, practice owner, and number of clinicians in the practice.
a P value for generalized linear model parameter estimate.
b Calculated using the Cohen d statistic with a pooled standard deviation.
Assessment55.38 (24.64)50.13 (24.99).020.212
Treatment79.59 (24.35)74.71 (26.16).0040.042
Target attainment43.15 (29.31)40.76 (29.61).320.081