Table 2.

Characteristics of 5 Participating Health Care Organizations (HCO)

Organizational typeMedical groupMedical groupMedical GroupBehavioral health networkInsurer
Insurance productsFee for serviceNoneNoneCapitatedCapitated, fee for service
Affiliated practices, No.139218765296
Practices owned, %3010010000
Total clinicians, No.400160186921>700
Approximate patient populations, No.>500,000 served>100,000 served320,000 served>100,000 enrolled2.3 million enrolled
Mental health carve-out, %2560701000
Practices from HCO participating in the study, No.19101489
Among participating practices
    Clinicians per practice, No. (range)3.0 (2–6)3.6 (2–7)2.9 (1–6)8.8 (2–11)2.6 (1–4)
    Clinicians participating, %7795694383
    Practices with on-site mental health services, No. (%)4 (21)4 (40)0 (0)8 (100)0 (0)