Table 2.

Step Count and Weight Change Data From Studies That Met Inclusion Criteria

Step CountWeight, kg
Study (Year)PreinterventionPostinterventionChangePreinterventionPostinterventionChange
NR = not reported in the study report.
Note: Preintervention and postintervention values are expressed as means or as means ± standard deviations, except as indicated below.
a Calculation was based on other data in the study report.
b Difference between the preintervention and postintervention values was significant at the .05 level.
c Means ± standard errors.
Engel and Lindner18 (2006)NR7,296±2,066NR91.9±18.489.8a−2.1a
Wilson et al19 (2005)4,7918,297a3,50686.785.8−0.9b
Miyatake et al20 (2002)7,013±3,0778,840±4,3421,82782.3±7.478.6±7.4−3.7b
Schneider et al21 (2006)5,123±1,2719,117±1,6973,99498.8±18.696.4±17.8−2.4b
Tudor-Locke et al22 (2004)5,753a9,123±4,5393,37096.8±23.996.1±22.8−0.7
Swartz et al23 (2003)4,972±419c9,213±362c4,24194.0±3.694.3±3.4c+0.3
Moreau et al24 (2001)5,400±500c9,700±400c4,30081.1±5.979.8±5.8−1.3b
Hultquist et al25 (2005)5,603±1,21410,159±292c4,55682.0±3.1c81.5±3.1c−0.5
Chan et al26 (2004)7,029±3,10010,480±3,2243,45179.4±17.377.9a−1.5a,b