Table 1.

Skin Disease Incidence and Prevalence, 2002–2006, per 1,000 Patient-Years, by Age and Sex

Skin DiseaseTotalMale TotalFemale TotalMale 0–4 yFemale 0–4 yMale 5–14 yFemale 5–14 yMale 15–24 yFemale 15–24 yMale 25–44 yFemale 25–44 yMale 45–64 yFemale 45–64 yMale 65–74 yFemale 65–74 yMale75 yFemale75 y
Note: Use of patient-years is necessary in long-term follow-up research because not every patient under study can be observed for the same period (because of death, for example). Total number of patient-years in the registry is the sum of the observation period for all observed individuals. In this case, each month within the 5-year period a patient could be observed counts for 1/12 patient year in the total number of patient years in the network.
Acne vulgaris
Atopic dermatitis
Benign neoplasm
Chronic ulcer
Contact dermatitis
Diseases of the hair
Diseases of the nails
Diseases of sebaceous glands and sweat glands
Sebaceous cyst
Seborrheic dermatitis
Seborrheic keratosis (wart seborrheic)
Squamous cell carcinoma