Table 2.

Regression Analysis of Necessity and Harmfulness Beliefs

Dependent VariableIndependent VariableβP Valuea
HAM-D17 = 17-item Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression.
a All effects are adjusted for correlation due to clustering of patients within clinics.
b Total R2 = .30.
c Retained because this variable did not meet removal criterion of P =.10 in second block.
d Total R2 = .13.
Necessity beliefbAge.27<.001
Years of education−.05.65
Depressive symptom severity (HAM-D17 total score).17.03
Number of prior episodes.12.09c
Belief that symptoms will last a long time.26.001
Belief that symptoms were caused by a chemical imbalance.22.005
Harmfulness beliefdAge.00.99
Years of education.03.69
History of antidepressant use−.17.02
Belief that symptoms were randomly caused.21.04
Subjective poor understanding of symptoms.19.003