Table 2.

Definition of Healing by Focus Groups

GroupParticipantsDefinition of Healing
LPN=licensed practical nurse; MA=medical assistant; RN=registered nurse.
Note: Mixed groups were made up of all participant types.
1PatientsThe process of regaining wellness
2PatientsRestoring a sense of well-being
3PhysiciansThe process of helping a person restore mental, spiritual, and physical health by removing barriers for optimum functioning
4PhysiciansAssisting a person to reach his/her full potential and full function
5RNsA pathway between personal sense of illness and wellness, integrating the spiritual, mental, physical, and relational
6RNsThe process of helping an individual achieve a state of wellness
7LPNs - MAsTreating the whole person spiritually, emotionally and physically, not just their ailment (improvement in condition)
8Mixed groupThe process of moving toward balance and well-being that implies making changes and the blending of the physical, mental, and spiritual
9Mixed groupThe restoration of health with caring, acceptance, and understanding