Table 1.

Characteristics of Study Participants (N=165)

CIRS = Cumulative Illness Rating Scale (possible scores: 0–56, higher scores indicate more severe illness); HAM-D17 = 17-item Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (possible total scores: 0–52, higher total scores indicate more severe depression); IQR = interquartile range.
Sex (female), %57.5
Age, years, mean±SD34.2±10.5
Race, %
    African American11.7
    American Indian or Alaskan Native1.0
    Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander1.6
    Other or unspecified5.1
Ethnicity (Hispanic), %4.6
Education, years, mean±SD15.1±3.4
Private health insurance, %77
Number of nonpsychiatric comorbid conditions, mean ± SD1.4±1.5
Severity of illness, CIRS score, mean ± SD1.07 ± 0.50
Depression characteristics
    Symptom severity (HAM-D17 total score), mean±SD20.7±4.0
    Duration of current episode, months, median (IQR)16 (8–34)
    Number of prior episodes, median (IQR)3 (2–6)
    Age of onset for first episode, years, median (IQR)20 (15–30)
    Axis I comorbidity, %57.7
    Prior antidepressant use, %34.1
    Depression in first-degree relative(s), %51.1