Table 1.

Measures, Sources, Means, Reliabilities (α), and Items

NA = not applicable.
a All measures other than healthy eating behaviors and presence of chronic illness were assessed with multi-item, 7-point Likert scales with strongly disagree (1) and strongly agree (7) as the anchors. Response options for healthy eating behavior were none, 1 time, 2 times, 3 or more times, and don’t know/not sure (a response was dropped from the analysis if the respondent chose the don’t know/not sure option; there were 139 such responses out of a total 1,008 responses). Response options for presence of chronic illness were yes and no.
Knowledge of patientPrimary Care 
 Assessment Survey385.91.903My doctor knows my medical history well. 
 My doctor knows what worries me the most about my health. 
 My doctor knows about me as a person, he/she knows my values.
CompetenceNew items6.72.953My doctor is competent. 
 My doctor is knowledgeable about current medical procedures and treatments. 
 My doctor knows the best way to treat his/her patients’ conditions. 
 My doctor is an excellent source of accurate information.
Autonomy supportHealth Care Climate Questionnaire376.13.920I feel understood by my doctor. 
 My doctor conveys confidence in my ability to make changes. 
 My doctor encourages me to ask questions. 
 My doctor listens to how I would like to do things.
Trust in physicianPrimary Care Assessment Survey386.58.912I can tell my doctor anything. 
 I completely trust my doctor’s judgment about my medical care. 
 My doctor would always tell me the truth about my health, even if there were bad news. 
 My doctor cares about my health.
AdherenceGeneral Adherence Scale204.94.945I find it easy to do the things that my doctor suggests. 
 I am able to do what is necessary to follow my doctor’s advice. 
 I follow my doctor’s suggestions. 
 I am usually willing to do what my doctor advises me to do.
Relationship commitmentMorgan and Hunt186.29.961The relationship that I have with my doctor is ... 
 Something I am committed to. 
 Important to me. 
 Something I intend to maintain indefinitely. 
 Something I care about. 
 Worth the effort to maintain.
Healthy eating behavioraGlasgow et al39NANAHow many times a week do you eat fast food? 
 How many servings of fruit or vegetables do you eat each day? 
 How many times a week do you eat beans (like pinto or black beans), chicken, or fish? 
 How many times a week do you eat regular chips or crackers (not low fat)? 
 How many times a week do you eat desserts or other sweets?
Presence of chronic illnessaNew itemNANAAre you currently under the care of a doctor for a chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, or asthma?