Table 2.

Depression Symptoms, Blood Pressure, and Adherence to Antidepressant and Antihypertensive Medications of Participants in Usual Care and in the Integrated Intervention at 6 Weeks

VariableUsual Care (n=32)Intervention (n=32)PValue
CES-D = Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale.
Note: P values represent statistical tests using t tests for continuous measures and Fisher’s exact test for categorical variables.
CES-D, mean (SD), score19.3 (15.2)9.9 (10.7).006
Systolic blood pressure, mean (SD), mm Hg141.3 (18.8)127.3 (17.7).003
Diastolic blood pressure, mean (SD), mm Hg85.0 (11.9)75.8 (10.7).002
≥ 80% adherent to antidepressant, n (%)10 (31.3)23 (71.9).001
≥ 80% adherent to antihypertensive, n (%)10 (31.3)25 (78.1)<.001