Table 3.

Impact of Peer and Parental Smoking on the Relationship of Perceived Accessibility and Smoking

Smoking Events, Hazard Ratio (95% CI)
CharacteristicsInitiation (n=1,027)Regular Smoking (n=1,195)Progression Among Initiatorsa (n=345)
CI = confidence interval.
a Estimates for this outcome were derived from analyses on initiators, including those who had previously initiated but not progressed to weekly smoking at the date of the baseline interview.
Perceived accessibility alone2.06 (1.51–2.81)4.62 (3.10–6.89)1.59 (1.07–2.35)
Adjusted for parental smoking only1.79 (1.31–2.45)3.76 (2.47–5.73)1.53 (1.03–2.27)
Adjusted for peer smoking only1.59 (1.15–2.20)2.54 (1.68–3.82)1.26 (0.86–1.86)
Adjusted for both parental and peer smoking1.44 (1.04–1.99)2.25 (1.48–3.43)1.20 (0.81–1.78)