Table 1.

Patient-Level Adherence Measures: Attendance, Working Alliance With Clinician, Patient Satisfaction, and Patient Drinking Outcomes

Max = maximum; min = minimum.
a Higher scores indicate stronger alliance; sum of responses on 12 questions on a scale of 1–7.
b Lower scores indicate greater satisfaction; sum of responses on 3 questions on a scale of 1–3.
Medical management visits1,1627.82.4117
Medical management clinicians seen1,1621.30.513
Patient’s total time spent in Medical Management visits, min1,1621856430450
Patient Working Alliance Inventory score 4 weeks into Medical Management treatmenta97265.868.562484
Patient end-of-treatment satisfaction with Medical Management scoreb9235.71.4315
Days abstinent in each of months 1–4 of treatment, mean %1,08676280100
Days heavy drinking in each of months 1–4 of treatment, mean %1,08615220100