Table 3.

Ophthalmologist Referrals Missed by Primary Care Clinician

Abnormality MissedNo./Denominatora(%)
a Denominator is the number of referrals for each category made by the retinal specialist.
b Clinicians missed severe diabetic retinopathy in 5 cases; 1 patient was referred for inadequate photograph and does not count as missed referral.
Inadequate photograph18/302 (6.0)
Other abnormality needing referral (total)13/39 (33.3)
    Abnormal cup-to-disc ratio5
    Severe arterial attenuation and tortuosity1
    Unknown abnormality3
    Choroidal nevus2
    Small optic nerve1
    Arterial plaque1
Diabetic retinopathyb4/46 (8.7)
Total missed referrals35/344 (10.1)