Table 5.

Results of Regression Analyses (β) for Health Services: Extreme Utilization

ModelFrequent Primary Care UseFrequent Ambulatory UsePolypharmacy
Note: Adjusted for age, sex, socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity (black), employment (full-time), married.
HL P=Hosmer-Lemeshow P value.
a P ≤.005.
b P ≤.001.
c P ≤.05.
d P ≤.01.
e P ≤.1.
Model 1
Number of problems0.492a0.647b0.810b
R2 (P).199 (.109).299 (.002).472 (.000)
HL P.272.494.690
Model 2
Number of problems0.436c0.561b0.769b
Impaired functional status0.3420.694d0.394
R2 (P).227 (.098).394 (.000).496 (.000)
HL P.912.853.982
Model 3
Number of problems0.456c0.580a0.833b
Impaired functional status0.0830.709c0.083
R2 (P).327 (.072).419 (.001).546 (.000)
HL P.784.717.994
Model 4
Number of problems0.457c0.691a1.047b
Impaired functional status0.2860.815c−0.007
Symptom interactions
R2 (P).413 (.045).475 (.001).594 (.000)
HL P.951.954.817