Table 4.

Description of Medication Inquiry and Impact on the Clinical Encounter (n = 58)

How did the patient hear about the medication? (note: multiple responses allowed)
    Family or friends1932.8
    Media or advertising1220.7
    Other source2136.2
Did the patient understand the purpose of the medication?
Would this requested medication have been the clinician’s first choice of treatment?
    No opinion1017.2
Did the patient want a prescription for the medication?
Did the clinician feel pressured to prescribe the medication?
    Significant pressured712.1
    Somewhat pressured1322.4
    Not pressured3865.5
Was the requested medication prescribed?
What was the overall effect of the patient request on the visit?
Specific effects of the inquiry/discussion on the visit (multiple responses allowed)
    Facilitated discussion3355.1
    Educated patient2848.3
    Improved condition awareness2136.2
    New conditions identified610.3
    Increased visit time2237.9
    Raised insurance concerns813.8
    Negative impact on physician-patient relationship35.2