Table 1.

Population Characteristics, 2004 United States BRFSS

Variables1 PHP (n=116,349)a>1 PHP (n=15,087)No PHP (n=13,461)P ValueTotal (N=144,897)
BRFSS = Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System; PHP = personal health care provider.
Note: χ2 Statistics and analyses of variance were used for categorical and continuous variables, respectively.
a Percentages in this column are weighted.
b Up-to-date colorectal cancer testing defined as fecal occult blood test within the last 1 year or sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy in the past 10 years.
Age, mean (SD), y64.7 (10.5)66.2 (10.6)61.6 (9.9)<.0014.6 (10.5)
Sex, %<.001
Race/ethnicity, %<.001
    Non-Hispanic white80.277.365.678.5
    Non-Hispanic African American8.08.610.28.3
    Non-Hispanic Other3.
    Non-Hispanic multiracial1.
Education level, %<.001
    Not graduate high school12.415.221.813.5
    High school graduate or greater87.684.878.286.5
Income, %<.001
Health Insurance, %<.001
Up-to-date colorectal cancer testing,b %<.001