Table 1.

Summary of Studies

Study, YearNo. of ColonoscopiesNo. of ColonoscopistsAverage Age, y (Range)% FemaleSettingStudy DesignTraining of Endoscopists
a Additional information about this study was provided by the author.
Godreau,24 1992157158 (range not reported)57.1US family practiceCohortEndoscopist completed 86 flexible sigmoidoscopies with biopsy then attended a continuing medical education workshop. He was proctored for 13 colonoscopies
Rodney et al,25 1993293167 (range not reported)60.6US family practiceCohortTrained in sigmoidoscopy then began performing colonoscopy after 300 sigmoidoscopies
Hopper et al,26 19961,048157 (14–91)41.3US family practiceCohortCompleted a didactic course
Harper et al,27 19973092Not reportedNot reportedUS family practiceCase-controlOne endoscopist “trained” by gastroenterologist and general surgeon and other endoscopist “trained” by general surgeon and family physician
Pierzchajio et al,28 1997751153.8 (range not reported)62.5US family practiceCohortCompleted 700 flexible sigmoidoscopies then attended a didactic course on colonoscopy.
Carr et al,29 1998250167.4 (range not reported)61.6US family practiceCohortHe was precepted for 80 colonoscopies
Kirby,30 2004616158 (range not reported)Not reportedCanadian general practitionerCohortAttended colonoscopy continuing medical education course then completed 11 proctored colonoscopies with 5 polypectomies. Proctored by a family physician
Edwards and Norris,31 2004200462 (16–90)45.5US family practiceCohortCompleted 30 supervised colonoscopies as part of a general surgery residency training program
Newman et al,32 2005731262.7 (20–92)51.6U.S. family practiceCohortThree physicians were trained in family medicine residency programs. One of these physicians proctored the oldest physician until he was proficient in colonoscopy.
Strayer,33 2005a250457.1 (range not reported)50.4US family practiceCohortTrained in a family medicine residency program. Attended a continuing medical education course. Proctored by a gastroenterologist
Cotterill et al,34 20053242Not reportedNot reportedCanadian family practiceCohortAll physicians trained in flexible sigmoidoscopy during family medicine residency. One physician proctored in colonoscopy by general surgeon. This physician trained the other physicians in colonoscopy
Lloyd,35 2006a13,36353Not reportedNot reportedUS multispecialty primary care endoscopy centerCohortOne physician was trained in residency program. Training was not reported for the other physician
Total18,292735950.5Training was variable. Physicians proctored by a variety of specialists to include family physicians, internists, general surgeons, gastroenterologists