Table 2.

Final Logistic Regression Model For Predicting Limited Health Literacy

VariableaAdjusted ORb(95% CI)Coefficient (SE)P Value of H0: Coefficient=0P Value of H0: Linear in Logitc
CI=confidence interval; H0=null hypothesis; OR=odds ratio; SILS=Single-Item Literacy Screener.
a Listed in order of introduction into the model during the step-forward process.
b Odds ratio after adjustment for the other variables in the model.
c Results of fractional polynomial method.
d Odds ratios and coefficients reported are per unit increase, according to the code in Table 1.
Self-rated reading abilityd3.37 (1.71–6.63)1.22 (0.35)<.001.82
SILS resultd2.03 (1.26–3.26)0.71 (0.24).003.32
Highest education leveld1.89 (1.12–3.18)0.64 (0.27).02.94
Male sex4.46 (1.53–12.99)1.50 (0.55).006
Nonwhite race3.73 (1.04–13.40)1.32 (0.65).04
Constant–4.94 (0.86)<.001